ATG™ UV Disinfection Generators – VX Range – Mini & Midi

Introducing the latest low pressure range of UV for superior disinfection of industrial water in a range of applications. High quality UV systems for operational flexibility and performance

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Evoqua’s VX Range is designed to provide efficient and cost-effective disinfection and offers a range of configurable options to support customers with their precise requirements.
  • High specification utilizing the latest component technologies
  • Easily configurable to specific customer requirements to allow simple integration
  • Simple maintenance with built in safety features to reduce downtime
Up to 350 m3/hr maximum flow rate

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical UV Systems

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    ATG™ UV Disinfection Generators – VX Range – Mini & Midi

    Using the latest variable power* control systems and the latest Spectra 3 controller, customers will see the benefits of matching power output to application requirements and the ability to remotely access performance data to maximize operational efficiencies.

    • Designed for industrial applications the VX Mini and Midi provide cost efficient disinfection in a variety of processes.
    • Increase production and uptime – fast and simple maintenance for enhanced safety and productivity
    • Low cost of ownership through reduced installation costs and reduced maintenance time
    • High efficiency systems providing confidence in water quality
    • Benefits from patent pending** TwistLok lamp configuration, AT-900 UV intensity system and Spectra 3 control system.


    • Chemical free, green disinfection solution
    • Flow Rate (m3/hr) 2.5 – 9 for the Mini products
    • Flow rate (m3/hr) 4 – 350 for the Midi products
    • High performance, low energy consumption lamps
    • Spectra 3 control system with BMS or SCADA communication
    • TwistLok™ lamp design for simple, fast, and reliable maintenance
    • V Clamp quartz seal for easy and reliable water seal


    • Configurable options to meet specific specification requirements
    • Automatic wiping system option
    • Flexible installation & integration
    • Operate at 30% less power with variable power 
    • Standardized spare parts for low inventory and fast parts service
    • Remote web app for system monitoring

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