Ionpure IP-LXM4X-4 high purity continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) modules

The Ionpure IP-LXM4X-4 unit belongs to the high capacity range of high water purification units. You can always contact us and order any Ionpore product from this series or other. IP-LXM4X-4, IP-LXM10X-4, IP-LXM18X-4, IP-LXM24X-4, IP-LXM30X-4, IP-LXM45X-4.

Ionpure IP-LXM4X-4

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  • Flow Rate m3/h (gpm):
    • Minimum: 0.22 (1.0) – 2.57 (11.3);
    • Nominal: 0.45 (2.0) – 5.11 (22.5);
    • Maximum: 0.68 (3.0) – 7.67 (33.75).
  • Recovery: 90 – 95%.
  • Product Resistivity: Nominal Flow >15 MΩ.cm.
  • Silica (SiO2) Removal 90 – 99%, depending on feed conditions.
  • Connection fittings are included.

Ionpure LXM-X Continuous Electrodeionization (cedi) modules for medium duty applications

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    Ionpure IP-LXM4X-4 high purity continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) modules

    The Ionpure® LX-X industrial modules produce deionized water through electrodeionization for a wide range of high purity applications and markets, including boiler makeup water for power plants, pharmaceutical pure water, water for hydrocarbon and chemical processing (HPI/CPI) and other high purity needs.
    IONPURE CEDI modules provide a constant flow of high purity water without the need for downtime or chemical regeneration like conventional deionization methods.

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