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AQUAANALYTIC L.L.C-FZ, located in Dubai, is part of the international group of companies, AQUAANALYTIC. Our main task is to implement modern, safe, cost-effective, and efficient water purification technologies to meet the needs of the population and industries.

We are ready to share our experience, knowledge, and train your engineers. Our team of engineers will assist you in selecting the water purification technology that is relevant now and for the coming decades as well.

Evoqua Water Technologies, based in the USA, has globally consolidated all the most progressive achievements in water purification. There is no well-known water purification technology that Evoqua cannot offer with superior quality, utilizing their own developments and patents.

Evoqua Water Technologies and AQUAANALYTIC concluded Distributor Agreement from 2022 to 2026. Thank you to all participants of negotiations and thanks Evoqua for trust in our team. It is very important to have its authotized and trained center of technologies authorized in the markets: Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Uzebekistan.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and high-tech equipment.

The AQUAANALYTIC Water Department offers the most modern technologies in water purification for consumers from various industrial sectors. Contact us, our engineers will select the right equipment for you and we will offer you the best price.

The AQUAANALYTIC Air Department will offer you modern technologies for air disinfection in hospitals and continuous monitoring of aerosol particles and microclimate parameters in clean rooms. Our engineers will support you and solve your methodological problems.


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  • Dozens of completed responsible projects in different regions!
  • Exclusive representative of Altapure (USA) – highly effective mobile aerosol disinfection units for air and surfaces in clean rooms and other areas.
  • Distributor of EVOQUA (USA) – modern complex solutions in water purification and disinfection for production and laboratories. Water and sewage disinfection systems with UV, ozone, chlorine compounds, generators of sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide.
  • Compliance with all GMP standards, own validation.
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Our employees are ready to assist customers in choosing equipment to perform a specific methodological task or provide the necessary service support during the operation. To competently perform these tasks our employees receive annual training and proficiency testing at the factories of manufacturing companies. Our service engineers also receive additional training to perform instruments validation.

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