All the highest water and air technologies from the USA, Europe and the UK in one place from Evoqua and other brands.

Evoqua joins Xylem
Evoqua joins Xylem

Filtration and disinfection systems for water and air in various industrial and municipal applications. You will be satisfied with the results and reliability because we offer you only the best manufactured in the 21st century!

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Evoqua joins Xylem
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Qualified assistance in choosing the appropriate equipment

«AQUAANALYTIC LLC» has a staff of qualified managers, technical engineers and developed logistics capabilities for MENA territories.

Our employees are ready to assist customers in choosing equipment to perform a specific methodological task or provide the necessary service support during the operation. To competently perform these tasks our employees receive annual training and proficiency testing at the factories of manufacturing companies. Our service engineers also receive additional training to perform validation.

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