Vortisand Evoqua is a manufacturer of water filtration plants and has been a leader in the recreational, municipal, and industrial water markets since 1986. Vortisand vertical and horizontal filters are world-renowned as high-performance submicron filtration systems with micro sand cross-flow and automatic backwashing.


CMF technology is mainly used for water treatment in cooling systems and industrial processes. Vortisand filters with CMF technology offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional filters. They are able to remove even the smallest particles from the water, ensuring a high degree of filtration.

The principle of operation of CMF filters is based on the use of a micro sand layer, which serves as a filter medium. The water stream is fed into the system through the top of the filter, where it meets the sand bed. This results in a process of osmotic separation, whereby contaminant particles are captured and removed from the water.

The main advantages of Vortisand CMF micro sand filters:

  • High filtration efficiency: The CMF system removes particles as small as a few micrometers, including suspended solids, organic and inorganic impurities, and microorganisms.
  • Increased preventive maintenance interval: Due to their high filtration efficiency, Vortisand micro sand filters require less frequent cleaning and filter media replacement, resulting in reduced system downtime and cost savings.
  • Reduced water consumption: Vortisand filters are capable of treating a larger volume of water with less fresh water consumption for filter flushing and regeneration.
  • Compact design: Vortisand micro sand filters have a compact design that allows them to be installed in limited space.
  • Wide range of applications: Vortisand CMF filters are effectively used in various industries such as industry, commercial plants, desalination plants, and other facilities with high water quality requirements for pre-filtration before reverse osmosis.

Vortisand filters with CMF technology are an innovative water treatment solution that provides high filtration efficiency and reduced operating costs. They help to maintain water purity and quality, which is an important aspect in various industrial and commercial applications.

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