AQUAANALYTIC-RO Compact Nano Purity Series (NP 80 lph, NP 120 lph max 1500); Double Purification RO – (DP 60 lph max 1500)

Compact and low maintenance reverse osmosis system for residential and commercial applications

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Compact, energy efficient and highly effective reverse osmosis system for home, restaurant, hotel and other small businesses. AQUAANALYTIC-RO patented double pump technology thoroughly purifies water and reduces operating costs.

AQUAANALYTIC-RO Compact Nano Purity Series (NP 80 lph, NP 120 lph max 1500); Double Purification RO – (DP 60 lph max 1500)

Environmentally friendly: minimize waste and maximize energy savings

A patented AI system controls high-frequency drainage to ensure exceptionally high permeate recovery (up to 95%), minimizing associated waste. At the same time, a high-flow, low-energy recirculation pump saves up to 50% energy.

Smart Remineralization System (NP 80, NP 120)

The Smart Remineralization system provides the purified water with minerals that ensure excellent taste and an optimal mineral balance in drinking water.

Optional for APRO 120 and DP 60

Provides excellent coffee flavor

The Nano Purity 120 systems gently remove all impurities that affect the taste of the beverage. At the same time, the water is provided with the minerals necessary for a rich coffee flavor.

Less antiscalant required

Computer-controlled high-frequency drainage allows the system to operate both without antiscalant and using reduced amounts of antiscalant.

Double Purge (AQUAANALYTIC-RO DP 60)

In the Double Pass system, water passes through two successive membranes, providing the customer with particularly clean water.

Compact design

  • Two heavy duty miniaturized pumps provide fast recirculating flow with up to 50% energy savings compared to the standard single pump system
  • Patented high-frequency, water saving drainage system
  • Fully automatic
  • Extended membrane lifespan due to membrane anti clogging system
  • Low cost operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Plug & Play
  • High capacity patented pre-filtration

  • Fully equipped electric board
  • Stainless steel gauges
  • Low Inlet Pressure Shutoff
  • High Permeate Pressure Shutoff
  • Double K2 pre-filters (NP 80); Viking pre-filter (AQUAANALYTIC-RO-120)
  • Built-in 2 liter permeate storage tank
  • Concentrate flushing valve
  • Permeate drainage valve
  • Adjustable water mineralization (NP 80, NP 120)

  • 80 liters and larger permeate tank
  • Demineralization set with TDS control (AQUAANALYTIC-RO-120, DP-60)

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