Containerized (Plug&Play) water (PW, UPW) purification system

Full Containerized Water Treatment Systems for various applications

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Anywhere in the world, an AQUANALYTIC mobile containerized plant will provide ultrapure water from any source for use in desalination, semiconductor, medical and other industries.

Containerized (plug&play) water treatment systems for various applications

Key features
  • Intelligent automatic operation
  • Automatic Cleaning In Place program
  • The containerized systems can be suited to almost any water inlet uality,with PW,UPW permeate quality
  • The containerized systems are a complete unit for water production at almost any required capacity
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low-Cost Operation


The container includes
  • Full dosing stations
  • Ultrafiltration pretreatment systems
  • Reverse Osmosis systems — Double pass
  • Fully analytical controllers and processes (PLC + HMI)
    EDI units
  • Mixed bed resin tanks
  • Main control and power cabinets

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