DEPOLOX 400 M Analyzer

Online process analyzer for the measurement of disinfectant concentration in clean water applications

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  • Intuitive operation as well as easy visualization of all measured parameters via a 4” color touch panel
  • Smart operation features: user configured intervals for calibration checks and also for the instrument‘s service intervals
  • Very fast reaction to a change in disinfectant concentration with the popular DEPOLOX® bare electrode measurement

DEPOLOX 400 M Analyzer

DEPOLOX 400 M Analyzer

Evoqua’s DEPOLOX 400 M analyzer is designed to provide operators with a simple, intuitive touch panel interface for up to three well proven measurement parameters: a disinfectant such as free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, or potassium permanganate, pH, ORP or fluoride and temperature. The analyzer is available with two amperometric disinfectant measurement technologies: DEPOLOX 5 C Flow Cell which utilizes the fast reacting bare electrode and the VariaSens C analyzer which incorporates the membrane based amperometric sensor technology. Data can be easily transferred to mobile devices or incorporated into plant-wide measurement dashboard.

Communication with the instrument includes a standard Ethernet port which allows access to built-in web visualization of all pertinent information when connected to a local area network. An RS 485 port and four mA outputs are also standard for communication to other plant monitoring and control systems.


  • 4″ Color touch panel
  • State of the art communication possibilities via an Ethernet interface
  • Data logging of measurement values with easy transfer to remote devices
  • LED lit flow cell that can be programmed to change color in case of an alarm or fault condition


  • Boiler Feedwater
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Equipment Washing and Sanitization
  • Industrial Pretreatment
  • High Purity Water Treatment
  • Industrial Pretreatment
  • Chloramination
  • Distribution system re-chlorination
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Pretreatment
  • Wastewater and Reuse chlorination/dechlorination
  • Industrial Pretreatment

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