G2 Power Supply (Legacy Power Products) Ionpure

Legacy power products for late-model CEDI modules

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The G2 DC Power Controller is a modern and highly reliable solid state rectifier that will succeed the existing single-phase and three-phase Ionpure DC power controllers. A single board takes the place of six previous models. Additionally, it can be used with MX, LX, and VNX Ionpure CEDI modules.

The G2 display unit is designed to independently control one to 16 G2 Power Controllers (rectifiers), allowing for optimal performance of each CEDI module integrated into your water system.

These devices simplify your system design by controlling 1 to 16 individual G2 Power Controllers, which are solid state rectifiers for single-phase 200 – 600 VDC. Additionally, they provide you with real-time feed power conditions and output conditions. Finally, they can be easily connected and powered via a single ethernet (CAT6) cable.

G2 Power Supply (Legacy Power Products) Ionpure

G2 Power Supply (Legacy Power Products) Ionpure


  • Automatic power stage shutdown protections
  • Input transient
  • Output over-voltage
  • Output over-current
  • Short circuit protection
  • Stable and modern solid state rectifier
  • Innovative “soft-start” circuitry
  • Conformal coating for enhanced environmental protection


  • 60-day running log of each module electrical resistance, amperage, and operational hours
  • Password protection capabilities for menu and setting levels
  • Maximum and minimum board conditions including power input, output, resistance, and board temperature
  • Module electrical resistance percent change from start-up
  • Analog I/O conditions for PLC
  • Monitor board alarm conditions
  • RoHS, CE-compliant, and UL-recognized component


  • Control IONPURE MX, LX, and VNX modules easily with a single G2 Power Controller
  • Ability to run multiple G2 controllers on one secondary winding
  • Systems are easily connected via ethernet cable
  • Real-time feed power conditions and output conditions

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