Gas Feed S10K™ Chlorinator System

All vacuum operated, sonically regulated gas feeder unit for low capacity dosing applications.

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The S10k chlorinator is a vacuum operated, sonically regulated unit. Direct cylinder mounting puts the vacuum control valve right at the source, reducing gas pressure to a vacuum immediately. Its ability to handle all water treatment gases as well as its flexible mounting configurations for cylinders, manifolds or ton containers provides versatility for all installations.

Gas Feed S10K™ Chlorinator System

Gas Feed S10K™ Chlorinator System


  • Integral change-over unit for several gas cylinders (option)
  • Volt-free contact for container empty signal (option)
  • Two basic arrangements are available in capacities of 4 and 10 kilograms per hour (200 and 500 pounds per day) of chlorine gas.
  • Available for feeding chlorine gas, carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and ammonia (for other gases consult)


  • Easy alignment of the control unit on the container by means of a captive yoke assembly
  • Complete gas consumption by means of a non-isolating switchover system
  • With fewer internal parts, you can be confident that the S10k chlorinator will provide reliable, dependable service.
  • Sulfur Dioxide Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr 9
  • Chlorine Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr 10
  • Ammonia Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr 4.75
  • Carbon Dioxide Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr 8

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