Gas Feed V10K Vacuum System

Efficient, low-capacity differentially regulated gas feeder with a standardized, flexible design for dosing up to 15 kg/hr

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The Wallace & Tiernan product family of V10k remote vacuum solution feeders consists of a vacuum regulator mounted at the gas supply, a wall-mounted gas control unit with a rotameter for indication of feed rate and a water-operated injector that provides the vacuum source to drive the entire system. Gas flow control is achieved by the proven Wallace & Tiernan V-notch orifice ensuring industry proven accuracy and repeatability.

Gas Feed V10K Vacuum System

Gas Feed V10K Vacuum System


  • Integral, automatic switchover to a fresh gas supply insures continuous operation
  • Large 5” and 10” flowmeters for the highest degree of readability and accurate indication of feed rate
  • Flexible control options from manual to fully automatic systems
  • Turn down ratio of 20 : 1 for Manual & Auto Operation
  • Wall mounting option available


  • V10k™ feeder automatic control: optional fully automatic control by process controller or with actuator control 4 – 20 mA
  • V10k feeder manual control: retrofit for automatic control (electric positioner) possible
  • The 20 :1 turn down ratio helps to address Min Max flow rates without any field adjustment

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