GMS Plus Multi-Function Gas Detection Systems

Wallace & Tiernan® Systems offer the GMS plus system, a flexible two channel measuring system designed for gas and temperature monitoring in up to two rooms.

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  • Automatic fault detection and sensor monitoring

GMS Plus Multi-Function Gas Detection Systems

GMS Plus Multi-Function Gas Detection Systems

The GMS plus system can either use a single Chloratekt  sensor or a pair of Chloratekt sensors to measure chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide or ozone, or it can also use other sensors to measure different gases. Pt 1000 sensors are used to measure the ambient temperature.


  • A variety of gas sensors can be used
  • User-adjustable alarm contacts
  • Clear, easy to read display of average and peak values over the past 8 hours
  • External alarm acknowledgment
  • Power backup using rechargeable batteries optional
  • Connection to Process Monitoring System via RS 485 interface

Measuring Parameters: Chlorine gas (Cl2), Chlorine dioxide gas (ClO2), Ozone gas (O3)

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