LaboStar RO DI Water Systems Evoqua (II type)

The LaboStar RO DI series produces high quality water with very low energy consumption.

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  • Simple change of modules due to quick-fit coupler
  • Service/maitenance report
  • Scope of supply includes consumables
  • Made in Germany

LaboStar RO DI Water Systems Evoqua

The use of “low energy“membranes enable a very efficient and economical operation. Each LaboStar RO DI systems are equipped with a built-in 7 l storage tank. Pure water is collected in the tank and is recirculated by an integrated pump. LaboStar RO DI is equipped with a final DI cartridge. This cartridge polishes the RO water to Type II quality < 0.1 µS/cm.

The unit offers two extraction ports: water can be extracted under pressure from the Point-of-use dispenser or from the outlet on the back of the unit. Optionally, a charged 0.2 µm sterile filter at the dispenser can be used to remove bacteria and endotoxins. An uncharged 0.2 µm sterile filter is also available. The 7 l storage tank capacity can be increased by an additional 30 or 60 l tank. The LaboStar RO DI system is delivered with the first set of all modules and filters required for immediate operation.

  • Connection to municipal drinking water supply
  • 7 liter built-in storage tank
  • Pure water circulation right into the dispenser head
  • Easy to dispense water using the practical POU dispenser
  • 0.2 µm sterile filter with or without endotoxins retention as option available
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinfection
  • Conductivity monitoring of RO and DI water
  • Easy module exchange via quick-release connections


  • W3T324493 LaboStar 10 RO DI

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