OSEC L On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System

The OSEC L system is a fully automated and pre-packaged low-capacity On-Site Hypochlorite generating system that creates <1% sodium hypochlorite solution based on disposable bipolar electrode technology

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The OSEC L On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System is a proven, safe alternative to chlorine, commercial bleach, and chlorine tablets, delivering safe, efficient, reliable disinfection without the need for transport of chlorine gas, bulk Hypo or acid cleaning. The OSEC L is a compact generation system that produces a sodium hypochlorite solution through the electrolysis of brine, consuming only water, salt and electricity. Operation is completely automatic, making the OSEC L Series systems ideally suited for remote or unmanned locations.

OSEC L On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System

OSEC L On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System


  • Packaged industrial design with Robust engineered cell design
  • Fully automated and integrated control panel with Touch-screen Operator Interface
  • Sleek innovative design provides aesthetically pleasing product with minimal footprint
  • No acid cleaning required – electrolyzer cell is easily replaced
  • Minimal annual maintenance.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water


  • 50% smaller footprint than other on-site generators and wall mounting ability allows for unique space saving configurations.
  • “Plug and Play” design making installation simple, even in remote locations
  • Real time monitoring of material flows and process parameters allows for minimal maintenance and operating confidence

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