Pacific Ozone PGS Peak Ozone Generators

The PGS Peak series Packaged Ozone Systems provide flexibility integrate into industrial disinfection processes. Ozone production and delivery ranges from 18g/h to 1120g/h and are available with integrated feed gas systems. They provide safe and sustainable solutions to disinfection processes, yielding measurable results that can give customers operational peace of mind.

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  • Low Operating Cost
  • Compact Footprint
  • Set it and Forget it Instruments
  • Ozone Production: grams/hr 18.00-1120.00
  • Layout & Interface: Multi-Enclosure – Configured skid – HMI
  • Design: Packaged Generator System

With the Pacific Ozone Packaged Generator Systems all you need is air, water, and electricity to increase the efficiency and safety of your process.

Pacific Ozone™ PGS Peak Ozone Generators

Pacific Ozone PGS Peak Ozone Generators

Designed for larger applications, the PGS Peak Series Ozone Injection System is powerful and configurable to produce and deliver 18-1120g/h ozone. The flexible design allows for multiple operating modes, a suite of integrated instrumentation and multiple monitoring locations and is also system commission and qualification ready. 

The PGS Peak Series offers great reliability and efficiency, using best practices for ozone treatment making them ideal for mission critical applications. The system eliminates the complexity of integrating the four integral ozone system elements: feed gas preparation, ozone generation, mass transfer and gas management, and process control. These systems are configured to meet your disinfection needs. 


  • Easy-To-Use Software and 10” HMI Touch Screen
  • Air-Cooled FPT Titanium Reactor Cells
  • No Cooling Water is Required
  • Precision Ozone Control by Powertron
  • Onboard Oxygen Concentrator
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated Off-Gas Management
  • Ambient Ozone Detector with Safety Interlock
  • Dissolved Ozone Analyzer
  • Ethernet/IP Network Capable


  • Energy Efficient – Low Operating Costs Paired with On-Demand Based Ozone Generation
  • Industrial Design with Simplified and Robust User Interface
  • System Commission & Qualification Ready
  • Automated Start, Stop & Purge Sequencing
  • Visual Ozone Indication
  • Ideal for Upgrading Existing Systems


  • Disinfection
  • Equipment Washing and Sanitization
  • Ingredient Water
  • Purified Water
  • Sanitization
  • High Purity Water Treatment
  • CIP

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