Portable J-Press Filter Press

Mainly for the oil industry, a lightweight, compact filter press containing an integral skid and roll bars

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  • 30% lighter and requires
  • 30% less floor space

Portable J-Press Filter Press

Portable J-Press Filter Press

Dewatering applications requiring transportable filter presses, such as oil derricks or other field operations, need to balance rugged design with lighter weight and smaller footprint. To accommodate this requirement, Evoqua Water Technologies has engineered a special, lightweight, compact filter press containing an integral skid and roll bars.

The basic functions of this unique filter press are identical to those of Evoqua’s standard J-Press filter press. The major use for such portable equipment is offshore oil drilling where filter presses (used as DE filters) are moved on and off the drilling platforms via cranes and work boats in heavy seas.

Lifting weight limitation, tight deck space and rugged environment require special equipment. This Evoqua filter press(Is this the J-Press or do you want to call it Evoqua? If Evoqua insert circle R.) is 30% lighter and requires 30% less floor space (deck space) than a normal filter press due to our unique design.


  • The entire frame is constructed of rectangular tubing to minimize the unit’s overall weight and length. This also helps eliminate the possibility of corrosion.
  • All the pneumatic and hydraulic components are housed in a sealed control cabinet for protection from the environment.
  • An additional back-up closure system is incorporated into controls for redundancy.
  • All gauges and controls are housed in a magnetically latched plexiglass cover.
  • Gasketed non-washing plates are used for maximum filtration and drip-free operation.
  • An integral sluice pan is incorporated below the plates for collection of cake solids.
  • Integral roll bars are built into the press skeleton for added unit protection during rugged handling situations.
  • The unit is operated with compressed air energy only. No electrical components are used, which are a source of sparks and potential unsafe operation.
  • Certified DNV style units available.

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