Ultra Clear RO Lab Water Systems Evoqua (III type)

The Ultra Clear RO Series system produces high quality water with very low energy consumption.

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  • Simple change of modules due to quick-fit coupler
  • Service/maitenance report
  • Scope of supply includes consumables
  • Made in Germany

Ultra Clear RO Lab Water Systems Evoqua

Ultra Clear RO Lab Water Systems Evoqua

The use of “low energy” membranes provide very efficient and economical operation. High quality material standards guarantee long service life. The Ultra Clear RO Series system uses the newest pump technology, which runs without the traditional e-motor, and operates nearly noiseless. Due to an integrated automatic membrane rinse cycle, in many cases, the systems can operate on untreated city water. Recovery rates up to 75 % are possible with optional water softening.

Product water recovery is up to 50 %, therefore Ultra Clear RO Series systems also conserve water. Storage tanks help for the RO systems to provide additional water volume during times of high demand. The storage tank can also be used to supply water for other lab equipment. The storage tank allows higher volumes of water to be used for short periods that would otherwise be limited to the RO system production rate.

A storage tank basically guarantees that water is available when needed. The proper storage tank size and system configuration will be recommended based on application and water volume requirements to ensure optimum service from the equipment. Standard tanks are available in 30, 60 and 80 liter sizes. Optional tank sizes are also available up to 3.000 l.

All systems display inlet and product water quality. The salt reduction rate will be shown in percentage. Most systems on the market have less than 20 % recovery rate. Automatic, user-friendly maintenance alerts notify the operator when system service is required.

  • Connection to municipal drinking water supply
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinfection
  • Conductivity monitoring of RO water
  • Easy module exchange via quick-release connections


  • W3T441745 Ultra Clear RO 20
  • W3T441746 Ultra Clear RO 30
  • W3T199978 Ultra Clear RO 60
  • W3T198158 Ultra Clear RO 100

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