VNX 55-EP & 28-EP Module Ionpure

High-flow module, designed with proven continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) technology to produce high purity water

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The VNX-EP module provides ultrapure water for critical boilers in the power industry and other bulk deionization high purity applications. Multiple VNX-EP modules provide for simplified system design with flow rates up to, and greater than 1,000 gpm.

There are numerous benefits of using our VNX-EP modules such as their ability to achieve up to 95% recovery. The VNX28-EP and the VNX55-EP differ in terms of the flow rate (the model number refers to product flow). Containing one 50-cell stack, the VNX28-EP module is 27.5 gpm nominal flow. The VNX55-EP, which contains two 50-cell stacks and has a longer housing, is 55 gpm nominal flow.

VNX 55-EP & 28-EP Module Ionpure

VNX 55-EP & 28-EP Module Ionpure

  • Typically > 17 MΩ-cm product water resistivity
  • Silica and Boron removal is typically > 95%
  • 1 ppm maximum feed water hardness (as CaCo3)
  • Robust leak free sealing with through-port gasket
  • Connection fittings are included
  • On-board junction box
  • Available as 55 gpm (12.5 m³/h) or 27.5 (6.2 m³/h) nominal flow rates


  • Designed to meet low sodium, chloride, and sulfate requirements for super critical boilers
  • Up to 95% recovery
  • No need for acid/caustic, neutralization systems or DI tank exchanges

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