VNX-Mini & Max Modules Ionpure

Offers the highest flow rate per module than any other competing CEDI module available

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Expanding on the legacy of the VNX family, the VNX-Max features the same proven CEDI technology, allowing it to produce high-purity water with an even higher nominal flow rate up to 22.7 m³/h (100 gpm). The VNX-Mini also produces ultrapure water in, as the name suggests, a compact package. It has a nominal flow rate of 12 m³/h (52.8 gpm), which gives high-flow systems a smaller footprint.

Just like other modules within the VNX brand family, the VNX-Mini and VNX-Max modules are designed to meet your high flow-rate needs. Both modules feature a leak-free design, and they have up to a 95% recovery rate.

Additionally, the VNX-Mini and VNX-Max modules are bundled with our most advanced power controller, the DC3. Finally, these modules – like Evoqua’s other Ionpure brand products – are CE marked, meaning they’re factory tested to meet strict industry standards.

VNX-Mini & Max Modules Ionpure

VNX-Mini & Max Modules Ionpure

  • Typically >17 MΩ-cm product water quality at nominal flow
  • Largest flow per CEDI module with maximum flow rates of 22.7 m³/h (100 gpm) on VNX-Max and 17.9 m³/h (79.2 gpm) for VNX-Mini
  • 1 ppm maximum feed water hardness (as CaCO3)
  • On-board junction box
  • PVC connection fittings and port plugs included
  • Robust, leak-free design with standard 3-year* warranty


  • Up to 95% recovery
  • Ideal for critical boiler feed applications

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