VNX30-CDIT & 15-CDIT Module Ionpure

Produces high-purity water from a feed water nearly two times worse than typical CEDI products

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VNX-CDIT modules are unlike any other within the VNX family. These modules can tolerate up to 4 ppm feedwater hardness as CaCO3, up to 2 ppm feedwater silica as SiO2, and up to 100 μS/cm feedwater conductivity equivalent (FCE). To put it simply, these modules are optimized to provide high-purity water typically from a single-pass reverse osmosis (RO) feedwater supply with up to 90% recovery. Other modules, like the VNX-55, are limited to 1 ppm feedwater hardness, 1 ppm feedwater silica, and 40 μS/cm FCE.

VNX30-CDIT & 15-CDIT Module Ionpure

VNX30-CDIT & 15-CDIT Module Ionpure

  • 4 ppm as CaCO3 max feed water hardness
  • 2 ppm as SiO2 max feed water silica
  • Expanded CO2 removal capabilities
  • In most cases can operate on single pass RO permeate
  • Thin cell technology optimized for feed water hardness tolerance
  • No need for acid/caustic, neutralization systems or tank exchanges
  • Junction box for convenient and safe power connections
  • Available as 30 gpm (6.8 m³/h) or 15 gpm (3.4 m³/h) nominal flow rates



  • Product Flow, minimum gpm (m³/h): 7.5 (1.7)
  • ​Product Flow, nominal gpm (m³/h)​: 15 (3.4)
  • ​Product Flow, nominal gpm (m³/h)​: 22.5 (5.1)



  • Product Flow, minimum gpm (m³/h): 15 (3.4)
  • ​Product Flow, nominal gpm (m³/h)​: 30 (6.8)
  • ​Product Flow, nominal gpm (m³/h)​: 45 (10.2)

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