Digital Communication Rectifiers (DCR) Ionpure

Constant control of power applied to continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) modules to optimize system performance

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Designed to efficiently control resistive loads, the DCR rectifier is a highly reliable, compact, single-phase DC power controller that features a high-performance microprocessor. On-board digital communication allows for easy integration with existing PLC/HMI through the use of MODBUS or 4-20 mA signals.​

Designed to power the Ionpure CEDI Modules.

Digital Communication Rectifiers (DCR) Ionpure

Digital Communication Rectifiers (DCR) Ionpure

  • Compact DIN Rail Mounted Design
  • Universal Line Inputs: ​UL:24-600VAC, CE: 24-660VAC
  • 45-65Hz
  • Up to 600VAC output
  • MODBUS RTU or 4-20mA digital output
  • Plug-and-play analog retrofit version for Legacy IONPURE power product users


  • Simplified isolation transformer requirements
  • Capable of running multiple DCR controllers on a single secondary winding
  • Highly efficient​
  • MOV and Voltage Limiting integrated
  • No longer necessary to incorporate individual devices
  • One controller for Ionpure, LX, VNX, MX and NEXED EDR modules
  • DC voltage output range from 20-600 Volts DC
  • DC current output range from 0-15.0Amps DC
  • CE marked
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Pb Lead-free
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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