Forty-X Disc Filters Evoqua

High quality, high volume filtration in less space

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  • More cost effective solution than traditional sand filters.
  • Low backwash generation resulting in higher efficiencies.
  • Design simplification when compared to competetition, fewer moving parts with no need to oscillate the spray header.
  • 316L stainless steel filtration media much more robust than polyester options 
  • Pressure assisted panel gasket sealing allows for zero leakage around filter panel.

Forty-X Disc Filters Evoqua

Forty-X Disc Filters Evoqua

The Forty-X​ Disc Filter from Evoqua Water Technologies is a barrier filter designed for tertiary filtration. It captures more solids in a smaller footprint with a 3D stainless steel media design.

The panel media is available in multiple micron ratings suitable for a wide range of applications. The filter panel design includes a robust pressure-assisted seal that allows the panel to sustain and operate at a higher head.

The Forty-X Disc Filter inside-out filtration design allows the water to flow into the center drum and then out through the disc filters capturing solids on the inside surface of the media.  This filtration characteristic eliminates the need for a separate system for handling floating material and settling sludge. The captured solids are also backwashed into a reject trough using a one-pass spray cleaning system.  A backwash cycle is automatically initiated by a level probe in the influent channel with filtration continuing during backwash.  Evoqua’s automated controls and integral backwash pump, piping, and nozzles provide high-quality effluent with minimal maintainance.   


  • Less space needed – small footprint
  • Innovative panel design providing more filtration throughput per disc
  • Woven optimum tertiary mesh (OTM) filter panel utilizes 316L stainless steel threads with higher porosity
  • Modular design – flexible and expandable.
  • Trash tolerant filter panel housing
  • Reliable retrofit for some existing conventional filters due to matching hydraulic footprint
  • Stainless steel tank or stainless steel frame designs
  • Easy to maintain – convenient efficient cleaning

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