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Disinfection systems UV, O3, CL2 by Evoqua | Analyzers and controllers by Wallace & Tiernan | Defender perlite filter by Evoqua | Pacific Ozone generators by Evoqua | Electrochlorination systems OSEC by Evoqua.

Disinfection systems UV, O3, CL2 by Evoqua

All disinfection technologies for pools, municipalities, and industry. Automatic UV systems, ozone generators, chlorine dioxide, and sodium hypochlorite generators of the necessary productivity are equipped with control and monitoring panels. Reliable equipment operation for over 20 years is ensured by the use of high-quality materials and patented developments.

Analyzers and controllers by Wallace & Tiernan

Water quality analysis/control systems provide 6 real-time measurements. Total and free chlorine, ozone, pH, temperature, ORP, and conductivity values. Wide LCD display, Wi-Fi control, light and sound error indication. Quick response, online relay valve control technology. Control of emergency concentrations of chlorine compounds in the air of premises.

DEFENDER perlite filter by Evoqua

The unique Defender system allows obtaining crystal-clear water with particle filtration size down to 1 micron, unlike traditional sand filtration technologies. High efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance, as well as compact size, have attracted the attention of thousands of customers in the water industry worldwide. Widely used in sports and water entertainment facilities due to the cost-effectiveness of using perlite with automatic backwashing with 10 times less water consumption.


Pacific Ozone uses patented Floating Plate Technology (FPT)™, which provides reliable and efficient ozone generation in an economical air-cooled system. Safety, full automation and control from 18 g/h to 1120 g/h using only air, water and electricity. The universal design allows you to use different modes of operation in dozens of industrial solutions in the world.


Reliable production of sodium hypochlorite using only salt, water and electricity. Safe for human health, automatic disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools and water parks is widely used by thousands of customers. Strict compliance with international safety standards and quality guarantees the use of numerous industrial technologies by municipal and industrial services.