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Neptune Benson Evoqua has been leading the global filtration and pool equipment market since 1956. Neptune Benson’s high-quality and innovative products provide superior water quality and are designed to reduce energy costs, save space, and safely and reliably purify water.

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Defender’s RMF regenerative filtration filters and recirculation components are advanced pool water treatment systems. These systems are designed to provide high levels of filtration and efficient water recirculation to help maintain cleanliness and pool water quality.

Regenerative filtration is based on the principle of using perlite filters with self-cleaning capability. Water passes through the filter where it is cleaned of impurities such as sand, dirt, and other small particles. Some contaminants accumulate during the filter process and regeneration is required to remove them. Neptune Benson Evoqua systems utilize an automatic backwash system that rinses the filter, removing accumulated contaminants and returning the filter’s filtration capacity.

– Recirculation components include pumps, valves, and other elements that circulate the pool water. They work in conjunction with the regenerative filters to help maintain a constant flow of water through the filters and back into the pool. Recirculation components ensure that the water in the pool is effectively mixed and distributed, which helps to evenly distribute water treatment and maintain water quality.

Overall, Neptune Benson’s regenerative filtration systems and recirculation components are state-of-the-art solutions for pool water treatment, providing high efficiency and reliability in maintaining cleanliness and water quality.

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