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Pacific Ozone is a leading designer and manufacturer of ozone generators, ozonation systems, and complete integrated ozone systems for applications in the beverage, food, industrial, aquaculture, marine, and water treatment industries since 1996.

To date, over 6,000 systems have been installed covering a wide range of industries in more than 30 countries. Pacific Ozone’s customers include some of the world’s most recognized global brands and leading companies in the beverage, food, industrial, aquaculture, marine, and water treatment industries.

Pacific Ozone Evoqua ozonizers are based on the principle of ozone generation using a high-voltage electrical discharge. The electrical energy causes oxygen molecules (O2) to break apart and then form ozone molecules (O3). Ozone, being a very active oxidizer, can destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organic pollutants in water.

Pacific Ozone Evoqua ozonizers come in a variety of models and configurations that can be customized to meet the requirements of a specific application. They can be used for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, food and beverage disinfection, and a variety of industrial processes that require disinfection and oxidation.

Advantages of Pacific Ozone Evoqua ozonizers include high disinfection efficiency, no chemical residues, low maintenance, and long service life. They can also be integrated into automation and process control systems to ensure reliable and accurate operation.

The updated Pacific Ozone series features innovative Powertron technology and air-cooling, resulting in significant resource savings.

For more information on Pacific Ozone Evoqua ozonizers and ozone systems, please contact AQUAANALYTIC L.L.C-FZ engineers and read the brochures.

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