Evoqua laboratory water treatment systems are designed to provide high-quality water that meets the standards required in a laboratory environment. The purified water is used for a variety of laboratory procedures including solution preparation, sample analysis, biological and chemical experiments, etc.

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Typical laboratory water treatment systems include several stages of purification, each of which removes specific types of contaminants:

  • Water treatment: Water from the source goes through a pre-treatment process that includes filtration to remove coarse particles, sediment, and organic matter. This may include the use of various-sized filters, activated carbon, or other materials to provide initial water purification.
  • Reverse osmosis: the main step in laboratory water purification usually involves a reverse osmosis (RO) system. In this process, water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that removes most organic and inorganic contaminants, including ions, microorganisms, and large-sized molecules. Reverse osmosis provides a high degree of purification and is commonly used to produce demineralized water.
  • Additional purification: additional steps such as ultrafiltration or an ion exchange column can be used to achieve an even higher level of purification. Ultrafiltration uses membranes with very small pores to remove additional contaminants, including viruses and some organic matter. An ion exchange column is typically used to remove ions from water and achieve a high degree of demineralization.
  • Ultrapurification: Some laboratory applications, such as chromatography or mass spectrometry, require ultrapure water with very low levels of organic and inorganic contaminants. Additional technologies such as ultrafiltration using membranes with even smaller pores, electrodialysis, electro-ultrafiltration, and other methods can be used to accomplish this.

Specific laboratory water purification systems including LaboStar Pro, Ultra Clear, and Protegra can have different configurations and features depending on user requirements.

For more information on Evoqua laboratory water purification equipment, please contact AQUAANALYTIC L.L.C-FZ engineers and read the brochures.

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