Ionpure electrodeionization (EDI) is a water purification process based on a combination of electroosmotic movement and ion exchange methods. Ionpure electrodeionization systems have been developed by Evoqua Water Technologies and are widely used in various industries, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, power plants, and many others.

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The Ionpure electrodeionization process is performed using special modules that contain anode and cathode areas separated by synthetic ion exchange membranes. The water to be treated is passed through these modules. During the electroosmotic movement, which occurs through the application of an electric field, water ions move to the electrodes and migrate through the ion exchange membranes.

The Ionpure electrodeionization process provides effective treatment of water from various ions, including cations and anions. Ion membranes allow only certain ions to pass through, blocking opposing ions. Thus, the Ionpure electrodeionization process produces high-quality deionized water without the need for chemical reagents or regeneration of ion exchange resins.

The advantages of Ionpure electrodeionization systems include:

  • Continuous operation without the need to stop for regeneration.
  • No chemical agents are needed, making the process more environmentally friendly.
  • Higher degree of water purification compared to traditional ion exchange methods.
  • Ability to accurately control the level of water purification.
  • Easy use and maintenance.

Ionpure electrodeionization systems are widely used in various industries where high-quality deionized water is required. They can be used as standalone water purification systems or in combination with other methods, such as reverse osmosis, to achieve optimum results.

For more information on Ionpure Evoqua deionization systems, please contact AQUAANALYTIC L.L.C-FZ engineers and read the brochures.

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